Under all circumstances and at any age, it's worth taking care of passionate, fascinating sex. In the initial period of each relationship erotica does not need support. But how can you help yourself when the fire of passion and lust is slightly diminishing? It is definitely worth paying attention to aphrodisiacs.

Aphrodisiacs - what is it?

Probably since the beginning of time, the male part has tried to help potency with certain means. Often these were herbs, some secret potions, various kinds of abominations, such as animal secretions or fragments of animal organs. If they worked, it was probably a placebo. Libido grew at the very thought that sex must be successful after taking this or that specificity. A victim of faith in the magical effect of aphrodisiacs has been killed by more than one rhinoceros, killed in order to obtain a horn, which powdered to provide an unearthly sensation in the bedroom.