sex in hotel

A hotel room is almost a perfect aphrodisiac. This place is simply associated with spending time together. As friends told us, because we do not watch such things, it is also a frequent set design of "these" films. After all, psychologists had to take on the erogenous function of the hotel. XXXXvideo.

According to Amy Muise, a professor at the Department of Psychology at the University of Canada, the key psychological factor behind sex in the hotel is that we are more open to adventure on the go, we want to try new items and experience completely different sensations.

"Holidays can provide couples with the opportunity to self-development, which can really curb desire, activity and sexual satisfaction," she said in The Huffington Post. "Self-development is more than just having fun," he continues. "It's about doing innovative, exciting, stimulating, challenging and expanding perspectives," she added.